Le Chef

Laurent Grangien ~ Chef/Owner

Laurent worked in the kitchens of the St. James, in Bordeaux France, Chateau de la Chevre d’or in Eze France, and Michel Guerard in Eugenie les bains, France. Moving to Paris he became the Head Chef of Michel Rostang and a partner and Chef at Bistro d’a Cote. He received the opportunity to work in California at a newly opened Fennel in Santa Monica. While working in California he fell in love with idea of creating a bistro in the Central Coast of California. The natural beauty and abilty to use local wines with local ingredients, Paso Robles became the only choice. After, eleven years of owning and operating the Bistro Laurent, Laurent continues to offer a la carte offerings as well a four or five course tasting menu changing weekly.





Ian Adamo ~ Maitre d'/Sommeiler

Ian has worked in the restaurant industry since he was thirteen years old. He has built his life around wine, food, and hospitality. He learned the foundation of service, French cusine and wine while working for the French Manor. Moving to New York City to refine his service skills he worked at La Caravelle and Le Grenouille. While working at Lampreia restaurant in Seattle, WA he began to study for his Court of Masters program and earned his sommeliers certificate. Currently, he is a student in the Masters of Wine program based in London, England.  At, Bistro Laurent he matains a list comprised of half French and half Central Coast wines. The wines range from thirty dollars and upwards. He believes the wine should represent varietal and its local terroir. Also, he feels there is a wine for every person and moment. "I am here to assist in the choice, not to tell someone what to have."  The wine glass program highlights new wines every week.


  • Bistro Laurent

    1202 Pine Street
    Paso Robles

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  • Open

    10:30am - 10:30pm

  • "A Bistro is an unpretentious neighborhood restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere and reasonable prices."
    Laurent Grangien, Chef-Owner